007: not time to die
After the victory over the "spectrum", the Bond from Madeleine Snow is no rest ... Against secret organizations, secret government projects, chase, beautiful assistant girls, speapuravomotobili, spy games and a multi-layer bottom ... It turns out that for good the British government came up with the perfect weapon of point liquidation (project "Hercules"), which is able to eliminate a specific person due to the influence of a nanorobot of purely on a specific DNA of a particular person ... But technically, you can make a list of the objectives of the relatives of a certain person and even an ethnic group that opens an ideal platform for coup in the world, However, all plans successfully destroy Bond, James Bond.
All heroes-charismatic ... "M", both agents "007" (yes, there are two of them) and even the main enemy has its own goal (but it is not desirable to imitate it). The secret base on the edge of light on the distant islands on the verge of conflict of great states. Miracle appliances when the glider can simultaneously be a submarine. And even the plot is not bad, juicy locations. In the end, Bond saves his family (just like this - Bond and family) and the entire planet (again) at the cost of their own life.
Powerful, bright, classical bondianovsky, emotional finals of 15-year-old saga about Bond Craig, classic Bond with a taste of modern trends (threat of technologies, "moles" in high offices, international evil). As the era, the era was completed in 2003 as Bond, and in 2021 it happened - the next era of Bond was completed in the person of a new actor, a whole series of films. In the future, it is not known what "Bondiana" becomes. All in 2006 were shocked when, after the black-haired bonds, James became blond, and now there may be much more coup - a black man or even a black woman (a hint in the film was on it). In a word, Craig was held nice, because Bond died and long live a new Bond. "James Bond: It's not time to die" or "the continuation should be ..."
My grandfather - Santa Claus
Today in the blockbuster viewed this film. Feeling double. On the one hand, a pleasant to watch the Ukrainian film. But on the other hand, a bad acting game, a weak script, a lot of advertising. There were several pleasant moments, even touching. I liked only secondary characters, namely the truck driver, oddly enough, courier and woman guard from the supermarket. The main character was not bad, the boy is very pleasant and cute. In general, the film turned out to be weak, a lot of templates.
I was especially struck by the main tree of the country. The scene of a cheap DC with cheap scenery, I understand that perhaps the film's budget was small. But still, it looked very weak. There were also good moments, cool when Uncle Zhora sang the anthem of Ukraine and everything was frozen - it was very touching. But when the mother of the main hero with a baby in the car runs away from the police, somehow strange ... I understand that everyone has his own taste. But even at a low budget, you can remove a good film as an example of the Polish tape "Letters to M.". I want to believe that in the future the quality of our cinema will be higher. https://fairspin.app/pt/

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