Women on the occasion of the birth of a fully hairy child associate with frequent heartburns when carrying pregnancy. And such children sometimes appear. Excessive hairiness is called hyperitrihosis - the state of pathological. Only feet of the palm of newborns are bare from the hair. But one child is born out of a tens of millions of other babies.
Thailand Supatra Sasupphan has a face entrusted with hair and is under medical supervision constantly. Wearing a beard, the girl surprises passersby on the streets. An attempt to remove such vegetation with a laser to success did not lead, and Supatra became even terrible, walking with a swollen face. It's good that hair is completely closed! I had to constantly chant the beard at my daughter when the hair was growing.
In China, someone Zhenhuang is proud of its excessive hairiness. Not shake and does not cut, becoming the "hero" of the Guinness Records Books. Created a musical group by becoming a popular artist in China. He married, but complains of intensively growing hair, scoring a completely ears of the musician.
Science relates hyperitrihosis to a disease in genetic. It may also be purchased - caused by the disruption of the work of endogenous glands that produce a secret - a special fluid or substance to ensure the livelihoods of the body. The version of the heredity of the ancestors (by Darwin) is not fully confirmed. In the Middle Ages, people with excessive hairiness throughout the body were considered to be shortened, and later showed in circuses to the public. There was a "Lion man" (by the name Bibrovsky) in the United States, which earned $ 500 a week with his performances. And in the Fatherland we successfully entertained the people at the Fairs "Hair" Andrian Evutishchev with Fedor Petrov - people from the Kostroma province.
In the middle of the beginning of the century, he was popular among the public "Woman's Monkey" with an increase in 140 cm. The story of her dramatic. Having a fastened lower jaw and continuous wool all over the body, Julia Pastra spoke in public as a daughter of the wild monkey, fertilized Mexican, lost in the jungle. Coming out married Theodore (manager of Julia), Pastrana gave birth to a completely hairless infant. Having lived more than a day, he died. The mother of the child died through the five days. The remains of both Theodore sold to the Moscow professor, their breathtaking and anatomical museum. And the "seller of the relics" found another hairy woman, taking her and her wife, and calling Julia, began to show the public in the circus. Theodore was too much Zhadala for money that he was thugged, he felt finally. Клиенты Mostbet могут делать ставки на самых выгодных условиях! mosbet В таком случае придётся загрузить скан разворота паспорта и личное фото с ним

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