When it comes to online gambling, Germany lags behind many other countries in Europe with its regulation. Player protection has also suffered as a result. Although this was always enshrined in law, it proved difficult to enforce. Now the player ban by OASIS is to come across the board. Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse had recently integrated the system. But bans are only half as useful if addicts simply go to the neighboring state to gamble. However, the blocking system should not only be used in land-based casinos, but also in online casinos. GamStop could serve as a model here. This is the player self-exclusion system used in the UK.

If you look around on the GamStop homepage , you will find a clear and very user-friendly site. The Promise: Register in minutes and be banned from all UK gambling sites. The customer can choose the duration himself. The Darmstadt Regional Council is currently still providing information about OASIS . The difference between GamStop and OASIS is obvious. The British variant has been in use for a long time and has been successful. OASIS has proven its usefulness in individual federal states. But the big numbers that prove success are still missing.

GamStop has banned over 250,000 people from gambling in the UK

Many politicians and addiction researchers would wish for such numbers for Germany. However, this includes all entries since the company was founded. Only then it was 250,000 blocks. If we only refer to the year 2021, then 67,000 player bans have been made. And the year is not over yet. In 2020, there were only 51,000 people who had themselves blocked. And in Germany? The Darmstadt regional council only announced in the summer that 13,989 players have been banned so far. Especially in relation to the population figures between Germany (83 million) and Great Britain (67 million), the Federal Republic comes off rather poorly. This is of course also due to the fact that OASIS has years to catch up. Here politics must

Another indicator known from GamStop is interesting. Namely, 91 percent of customers let themselves be excluded. As a result, the initiative came from relatives in only nine percent of the cases. Of course, it can be assumed that registrations with OASIS will also skyrocket. Because now that all reputable online casinos and sports betting operators have to connect to the player blocking system, addiction experts hope that those affected will give in. It is estimated that 450,000 people in Germany alone suffer from pathological or at least problematic gambling behavior. Despite various player bans, the industry is still well positioned. Because the gambling authority from Great Britain (UK Gambling Commission) has announced that the gross earnings in the past year with 6,

Can a player ban be bypassed? In Germany, providers that are not licensed and therefore not connected to OASIS should be excluded via a network block. The authorities in Halle are not there yet. It remains to be seen whether this is the only solution.

What's next for OASIS in Germany?

OASIS will continue to establish itself. Because the authority expects 5,000 new organizers and 40,000 additional operating sites to be connected. The online application for a connection may be filled in from August 2, 2021. All operators in Germany who are not yet connected are required to register. This applies to new online casinos as well as local arcades that may open a new location. The aim is to ban the player nationwide if he allows himself to be banned from just one of the establishments online or offline. When registering, operators should ensure that all fields are meticulously filled out. Of course there will be an exam. So far there doesn't seem to be a channel for queries - at most directly with the RP Darmstadt, which is currently responsible.

Operators must create a user account. The contract documents will then be sent by email. Then the contract is signed. If blocks are requested during the application period, these must be sent by email to the regional council in Darmstadt. The data processing center in Hesse is responsible for technical questions. Gaming arcades from Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate that are already connected do not have to be registered again. In this regard, it is not entirely uninteresting that OASIS itself benefits from the annual individual queries. Because of course there is an effort involved. So it needs payment. OASIS charges EUR 0.048 per query for up to 249,999 queries. The pay will gradually increase. From 4 million requests, each request still costs 0.001 euros.

Other new player protection measures : These include the maximum deposit of 1,000 euros per month or the fact that players can now only be registered online with one gambling operator at a time. A new login leads to a logout elsewhere.

source: https://casinova.org/non-gamstop-casinos-uk/

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