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In an international comparison, German consumers are rightly regarded as the world's travel champions. In 2018, for example, they spent the proud sum of more than 90 billion euros on vacation trips. Cruises account for a steadily rising share of this. Last year, around 2.3 million German tourists set sail. The number of participants in ocean cruises was thus 3.5 percent higher than in 2017. Added to this is the increasing popularity of river cruises: in 2018, almost half a million German tourists opted for this decelerated form of travel. This represents an increase in river cruises of 5.5 percent. By far the most river cruise ships sail the Rhine and Danube. The industry expects this trend to continue with unbroken momentum: In all likelihood, growth in passenger numbers for both ocean and river cruises will be even higher this year.

International travel: Europe is in high demand

Citizens of other nations also love to travel. With increasing prosperity, inhabitants of emerging countries, especially China, are discovering how much fun it is to get to know distant countries. Experts predict that as early as next year, some 200 million Chinese will be vacationing abroad. It is not difficult to guess which destinations are among the places of yearning of Far Eastern tourists, namely all the cultural and historical centers in Europe, especially the following metropolises:

Who are the winners of the travel boom?

Tourism is one of the top growth sectors in mt5 terminal. For years, these providers have seen a significant increase in their sales:

    Cruise lines
    classic tour operators
    Hotel chains

 Among cruise operators, these big players in particular are among the profiteers:

    Royal Caribbean
    Carnival (the AIDA brand belongs to this group)
    Norwegian Cruise Line

In general, it can be said that the underlying mood in the industry is positive.

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The decline of Thomas Cook

Just how quickly a traditional travel company can fall into a predicament that threatens its very existence is demonstrated by the British tourism group Thomas Cook. The travel expert, which was founded in 1808, no longer has any equity capital and was promptly given the receipt in the form of a downgrade by the Standard and Poor's rating agency. Thomas Cook now only has a CCC rating, which is in the highly speculative range.


    Cruises are becoming increasingly popular with German vacationers of all ages
    fierce competition in the travel industry is preventing profits from growing at the same rate as revenues
    start-ups such as Uber and Airbnb in particular pose a seriously increasing threat to traditional tourism groups

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